Payment and Refund

Payment and Refund Rules for Supreme Chess League on Supreme Chess Game

Welcome to Gaming World Fanatsy Pvt Ltd with its revolutionary chess gaming app named as Supreme Chess League! Before you dive into the thrilling chess battles, please take a moment to understand our payment and refund rules.

1. Wallet Transactions: 

All transactions related to Supreme Chess League, including entry fees and winnings, will be credited to your Supreme Chess Game wallet.
Wallet transactions ensure a seamless and secure experience for both deposits and withdrawals.

2. Entry Fees:

To participate in Supreme Chess League tournaments, players are required to pay an entry fee.
The entry fee amount will be deducted from the user’s Supreme Chess Game wallet.

3. Winnings:

Upon winning a tournament in the Supreme Chess League, the prize amount will be credited to your Supreme Chess Game wallet.
The winnings can be utilized for future league entries or withdrawn to a bank account.

4. Withdrawal Process:

Users can withdraw their winnings from the Supreme Chess Game wallet to any valid bank account.
Withdrawal requests are subject to verification and may take a specified processing time.

5. Wallet Balance:

The Supreme Chess Game wallet balance reflects the sum of deposits, winnings, and any bonuses earned.
Users can check their wallet balance within the Supreme Chess Game platform.

6. Refund Policy:

Entry fees are non-refundable once a user joins a tournament.
In case of tournament cancellation or technical issues, Supreme Chess Game may initiate a refund to the user’s wallet or the original payment method.

7. Withdrawal Limits:

There might be minimum and maximum withdrawal limits imposed on the Supreme Chess Game wallet. Please refer to the platform for the latest information.

8. Fair Play Assurance:

Supreme Chess Game is committed to ensuring fair play and reserves the right to investigate any suspicious activities.
Users found violating fair play rules may face disqualification and forfeiture of winnings.

9. Terms and Conditions:

Users are encouraged to read and understand the complete Terms and Conditions of Supreme Chess Game, including payment and refund policies, available on the platform.
By participating in the Supreme Chess League on Supreme Chess Game, you agree to abide by these payment and refund rules. We wish you the best of luck in your chess journey!

For any queries or assistance, please contact our customer support.